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Reviewing Tests

In order to encourage a high level of quality in the W3C test suites, test contributions must be reviewed by a peer.

Test Review Policy

The reviewer can be anyone (other than the original test author) that has the required experience with both the spec under test and with the [general test guidelines][general guidelines].

The review must happen in public, but there is no requirement for it to happen in any specific location. In particular if a vendor is submitting tests that have already been publicly reviewed in their own review system, that review may be carried forward. For other tests, we strongly recommend using either Reviewable or GitHub's built-in review tools.

Regardless of what review tool is used, the review must be clearly linked in the pull request.

In general, we tend on the side of merging things with nits (i.e., anything sub-optimal that isn't absolutely required to be right) and then opening issues to leaving pull requests open indefinitely waiting on the original submitter to fix them; when tests are being upstreamed from vendors it is frequently the case that the author has moved on to working on other things as tests frequently only get pushed upstream once the code lands in their implementation.

To assist with test reviews, a [review checklist][] is available.

[general guidelines]: {{ site.baseurl }}{% link _writing-tests/ %} [review checklist]: {{ site.baseurl }}{% link _reviewing-tests/ %}