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Response object. This object is used to control the response that will be sent to the HTTP client. A handler function will take the response object and fill in various parts of the response. For example, a plain text response with the body 'Some example content' could be produced as:

def handler(request, response):
    response.headers.set("Content-Type", "text/plain")
    response.content = "Some example content"

The response object also gives access to a ResponseWriter, which allows direct access to the response socket. For example, one could write a similar response but with more explicit control as follows:

import time

def handler(request, response):
    response.add_required_headers = False # Don't implicitly add HTTP headers
    response.writer.write_header("Content-Type", "text/plain")
    response.writer.write_header("Content-Length", len("Some example content"))
    response.writer.write("Some ")
    response.writer.write("example content")

Note that when writing the response directly like this it is always necessary to either set the Content-Length header or set response.close_connection = True. Without one of these, the client will not be able to determine where the response body ends and will continue to load indefinitely.

:mod:`Interface <wptserve.response>`

.. automodule:: wptserve.response
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