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Object for storing cross-request state. This is unusual in that keys must be UUIDs, in order to prevent different clients setting the same key, and values are write-once, read-once to minimize the chances of state persisting indefinitely. The stash defines two operations; put, to add state and take to remove state. Furthermore, the view of the stash is path-specific; by default a request will only see the part of the stash corresponding to its own path.

A typical example of using a stash to store state might be:

def handler(request, response):
    # We assume this is a string representing a UUID
    key = request.GET.first("id")

    if request.method == "POST":
        request.server.stash.put(key, "Some sample value")
        return "Added value to stash"
        value = request.server.stash.take(key)
        assert request.server.stash.take(key) is None
        return key

:mod:`Interface <wptserve.stash>`

.. automodule:: wptserve.stash
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