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type-change-state.html assumed sanitized value for "  foo\rbar  " was
fixed per a input type, and it was specified by 'sanitizedValue' field.

However, it depends on the previous type.  For example, the new input
types of the following A and B are same, initial value setter arguments
are same, but sanitized values of A and B should be different due to the
sanitizer difference between 'hidden' and 'url':

  input.type = "hidden";
  input.value = "  foo\rbar  ";
  // input.value is "  foo\rbar  "
  input.type = "text";
  // input.value is "  foobar  ".

  input.type = "url";
  input.value = "  foo\rbar  ";
  // input.value is "foobar"
  input.type = "text";
  // input.value is "foobar".

This CL fixes this issue by replacing 'sanitizedValue' field with
'sanitizer' field, which specifies a simple sanitizer implementation.

This fixes five test cases, which have failed with all major browsers.

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