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Translate the scroll coordinate to ScrollOrigin

Currently, the value of ScrollLeft / ScrollTop / ScrollTo for a box in
Element is the offset to the origin of ScrollableArea(left-top corner).
This behavior isn't consistent with Document-scroll or the behavior of
other vendors either whose origin is ScrollOrigin. There're compatibility
problems when the box has leftward or upwards scroll overflow direction.
According to the Specification, the scroll x-coordinate of a leftward box
is nonpositive, and the scroll y-coordinate of an upwards box is also
nonpositive. With using the origin of ScrollableArea, the coordinate
is always nonnegative.

In order to fix it, this patch transforms the scroll coordinate of a
box in Element interface to use ScrollOrigin as its origin.

There are a few cases needed to recalculate the scroll coordinate to
meet this change. Since the origin of scroll coordinate transforms
from the ScrollableArea origin to ScrollOrigin(), current_coordinate
is equal to old_coordinate - ScrollOrigin. E.g.
current_scrollLeft = old_scrollLeft - ScrollOrigin().X().

This behavior is guarded by a feature flag.

See intent to ship blink-dev thread:!topic/blink-dev/7X2CKPGeEa0

Bug: 721759
Change-Id: I0ceed62e6845c6e5cd976e59b36f292d60bb669c
Reviewed-by: Jochen Eisinger
Reviewed-by: David Bokan
Reviewed-by: Frédéric Wang
Commit-Queue: cathie chen
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#704470}

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