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Translate the extension

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We use Transifex to maintain translations of this project. If you are not familiar with this service, you can read Transifex Documentation to get started.

Add or update translations

Here are steps to translate the extension to a specific language.

  1. Join our team on Transifex.
  2. Translate resources using Transifex web interface.

Other actions, e.g. submitting a new PR with changes, are not required.

The project is configured to sync reviewed translations automatically. So, although you can copy source translation and translate this copy to another language using a text editor on your PC, Transifex is required to make and update translations.

Update source translation

Transifex does not allow to edit source translation, so it should be edited manually using any text editor.

Transifex is set up to update source translations automatically from the project repository; you should update source translation by pushing changes to the master branch only.