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An open-source, public-domain, organization for learning web-work skills.

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  1. Resources for Independent Web-Workers: SEO, Publishing, Git, GitHub Pages, Indieweb, Ubuntu Linux, and Static Site Generators.

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  2. Indieweb JAMStack: Static Sites, 3rd Party Integrations, and Microservices


  3. Forked from miklb/jekyll-indieweb

    A Jekyll quick start to getting up and going with the IndieWeb

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  4. Forked from voxpelli/webpage-webmentions

    A hosted Disqus-like comment service that enables WebMention receiving on any kind of site


  5. Forked from chow-petit/awesome-curated-tools

    A curated list of digital tools we use, ranging from accounting and data science to scientific research and liquid democracy. Commented, connected, by everyone and for everyone !

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