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Indieweb JAMStack: Static Sites, 3rd Party Integrations, and Microservices
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This is the old readme for web-work tools... needs updating now that indieweb is it's own separate site branching off.

This blog is where I document my journey as an independent web-worker, and will grow to include contributions from other indie workers of the web.

This page has some samples of content that I've created for others, as well as general resources for web-work.

Originally it wasn't in blog form... but I just looked on github, to see when I started, and chose the date that way, for each.

Articles by Infominer

Site Index



Eventually this will live along in the same site with web-work.. though I'm not sure of the specifics rn.


Off-Site Resources

The following are "Top Level" web-work resources that do not yet have their own page on this site.

Web Development

Flat File CMS


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