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web2Project is an Open Source system for online project management. It is based on an AMP-stack which means it is designed to run on Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

The best part is that it's free software. That means you can use it, extend it, customize it, delete it, change the colors of things, and even break it... all for free. We won't (and can't) demand payment, but that also means you can't demand help. Well, you can but then you look like a jerk and no one wants that.


  • PHP 5.3.8+
  • Mysql 5.x+
  • Apache 1.x+ or IIS 7+
  • PHP extensions:
  • GD (for Gantt Chart generation)
  • mbstring (only if you're using multi-byte strings)
  • zlib (for output compression)


Installing or upgrading your web2project is quite simple. The definitive copy of this guide is online at

For More Information

We're always looking for feedback. If you have suggestions on how to make the system better or questions on how it should work, we provide places for that. is our Github page. The code is always available here. is our homepage. This is where the latest and greatest news will always be. This is also where we keep most of the links to everything else. is our documentation wiki. We always try to keep the most up to date documentation here. Sometimes it's not always the best, but that's the joy of a wiki. You're welcome to help make things better. are our support forums. Whenever you have a question not addressed by the documentation, this is the first place to go. It's not acceptable to private message someone without their permission. Although the core development team is smart, our community is even smarter and it's possible - if not likely - that someone has found and solved your problem before. Remember that polite requests always go farther than terse commands. is where we collect and track bug reports. No software is perfect and nothing always behaves exactly as you expect 100% of the time. If you find something that doesn't work as expected or is broken, file a report here. Remember, the more specific you are, the easier it is for others to reproduce and eventually fix it.


web2Project is released under Clear BSD

The full text of the license is in the COPYING file.

Parts of web2Project include libraries from other projects which are used and included under their original licence(s).