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Update 056_mysql56_updates.sql
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caseysoftware committed Aug 15, 2019
1 parent bcb32f3 commit d7febbd3f148f4c6f868b1e9e0bf3e6a3a83b40e
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  1. +2 −2 install/sql/056_mysql56_updates.sql
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ RENAME TABLE `forums2` TO `forums`;

CREATE TABLE `projects2` (
`project_id` int(10) NOT NULL,
`project_id` int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`project_company` int(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
`project_department` int(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
`project_name` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
@@ -153,4 +153,4 @@ UPDATE `w2pversion` SET `last_code_update` = '1000-01-01' where `last_code_updat
INSERT INTO `w2pversion2` (`code_revision`, `code_version`, `db_version`, `last_db_update`, `last_code_update`)
SELECT 0, `code_version`, `db_version`, `last_db_update`, `last_code_update` from `w2pversion`;
RENAME TABLE `w2pversion` TO `old_w2pversion`;
RENAME TABLE `w2pversion2` TO `w2pversion`;
RENAME TABLE `w2pversion2` TO `w2pversion`;

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