Better explanation (maybe with examples) for custom forms without helpers #136

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Sometimes one does not want work with the following:

Image name: <div>{{}}</div>
Image file: <div>{{=form.custom.widget.source}}</div>
Click here to upload: {{=form.custom.submit}}

And wants work with pure HTML and the web2py CSS convention. However, I guess is not clear that, using a custom edit form , the developer has to put in his HTML the following hidden input, besides the _formname hidden input:

<input type="hidden" value="id_value" name="id">

This informs to web2py, in an edit form, the instance id to be updated.

Besides, there are very few explanation about using of one form with multiples tables. I know that there is one (quick) section about it, but does not mention at all about the use of edit form or even this with a custom form. This idea was previously raised in this thread:!topic/web2py/hpH7a3Qz3Wg.

I think something like above could be in the book and it will save lot of hours of beginners.

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