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-Version 2.8.2-stable+timestamp.2014.
+Version 2.8.2-stable+timestamp.2014.
@@ -48,9 +48,11 @@
# default_language
# The language code (for example: en, it-it) optionally appears in the URL following
# the application (which may be omitted). For incoming URLs, the code is copied to
-# request.language; for outgoing URLs it is taken from request.language.
+# request.uri_language; for outgoing URLs it is taken from request.uri_language.
# If languages=None, language support is disabled.
# The default_language, if any, is omitted from the URL.
+# To use the incoming language in your application, add this line to one of your models files:
+# if request.uri_language: T.force(request.uri_language)
# root_static: list of static files accessed from root (by default, favicon.ico & robots.txt)
# (mapped to the default application's static/ directory)
# Each default (including domain-mapped) application has its own root-static files.

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