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Aion contract wrapper generation

This module contains a command line interface (CLI) for the generation of contract wrappers for the Aion network.

The CLI tool generates the Java stub to deploy and call an Aion smart contract using its ABI and a binary file.


To generate Aion contract wrappers, run the command web3j-aion using the following options:

Flag Required Description
-a, --abiFile ABI file in AVM format with a contract definition.
-b, --binFile BIN or JAR file with the contract compiled code in order to generate deploy methods.
-o, --outputDir Destination base directory.
-p, --package Base package name.
-t, --targetVm Target Aion virtual machine (AVM by default).

Java contracts (AVM)

The ABI and JAR for Aion Java contracts, files can be obtained using the aion4j Maven plugin. After a project build the .abi and .jar files will be located under the build directory.

The ABI file should be a text file containing the contract class name, its constructor and other function definitions:

Clinit: (String, String, int, Address)
public static String name()
public static String symbol()

Building the CLI

The code generator can be used with a binary distribution, running a Docker image, or calling the generator main class.

Build a binary distribution

Run the Gradle task distZip to obtain a binary distribution of the web3j-aion executable:

./graldew distZip

After successful run the ZIP and TAR files will be available on codegen/build/distributions.

Using the Docker image

The web3labs/web3j-aion Docker image contains a pre-built distribution and can be used with the following command:

docker run web3labs/web3j-aion --abiFile ...

Using the main class

To run the code generation within your project using the org.web3j.aion.codegen.AionGeneratorMain, the easiest way is to create a Gradle task of type JavaExec and configure the generated code source sets:

dependencies {
    implementation "org.web3j:core:4.4.0-SNAPSHOT"
    implementation "org.web3j:web3j-aion-avm:..."
    implementation "org.web3j:web3j-aion-codegen:..."

sourceSets {
    main {
        java {
            srcDir {
                // Add the generated code to main source set

task generateContractWrappers(type: JavaExec, group: 'aion', dependsOn: 'clean') {
    classpath = sourceSets.main.runtimeClasspath
    main = 'org.web3j.aion.codegen.AionGeneratorMain'
    args '--abiFile', "path/to/contract.abi",
            '--binFile', "path/to/contract.jar",
            '--outputDir', "path/to/generated/source",
            '--package', 'com.example.dapp',
            '--targetVm', 'AVM' // By default

compileJava {
    source "path/to/generated/source"

compileTestJava {
    source "path/to/generated/source"
    dependsOn 'generateContractWrappers'

Checkout the sample repository for a fully configured Gradle project.

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