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Example to spin up VMWare Concord using docker-compose to test contracts in web3j-unit
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Example to use Web3j-unit to test against docker-compose file

Contains a simple test with required dependencies for you to get started with web3j-unit testing with custom docker-compose file.

Web3j-unit is a Junit 5 extension to streamline the creation of Ethereum contract tests.

Getting started

This example runs Greeter contract against a network of VMWare Concord nodes defined using a docker-compose file.

To get started, we need to build the images of Concord locally.

Once you have Docker installed, checkout the Concord repository:

git clone

After that, from the Concord directory, run the build script for the Docker images:

cd concord

We’re ready to test using Concord.


To run the tests in this project, run

./gradlew clean build test
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