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We are creative folks. We build things. The way we look at the tools for making is different than Computer Science majors. Most of us, including yours truly, didn't come from a solid programming background and suddenly dove in the deep end, learning to survival and accomplishing goals. It was a hell of an awesome way to kick things off.

But if you are already making things for the web, and want to make them better, or want to start getting serious about the web and its language, then we will nerd out on some core concepts, programming patterns, best practices and utility belts to get you off the ground to make things more maintainable, readable and hopefully smarter.

We will: go back to basics. Take a close look at JS. See the bright and dark sides. Demystify language concepts. Learn programming patterns. Look at example code. Write code. Workshop. Examine the landscape of modern Front-End development. See client and server side JS. Pick our tools, and explore the browser as a bountiful platform for business and artistic expression. We will also have cool guests.

We do have a syllabus but we all know that one syllabus doesn't fit all. Once we hit the ground running, we will gauge things based on the dynamic of the class. We will play it by the ear to set the pace, fine tune the curriculum, and personalize based on interest.

var resources = ['books', 'articles'];

Refer to syllabus for weekly readings. Based on what we discuss in class, everyone's invited to post good reads, articles and resources.

You DON'T have to read. But,

try { 
//much good.

You DO have to do:

var assignments = ['weekly-assignments', 'mid-term', 'final']

be(active, determined);
do(talk, show, participate, collaborate, inspire, teach, haveFun); 
if(assignment == 'mid-term' || assignment == 'final'){
 	allow('Collaboration', 'Team Work');

Prerequisite: will to learn.

See Syllabus for detail. #####GoWeb3JS


Repo for slides, class code and sample code.






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