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Beautiful and lightweight UI components for web3 developers. This UI library will speed up your dapp development no matter which chain you build on.


Live StoryBook DEMO:


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If this ui-kit helps you build your dApps faster - please star this project, every star makes us very happy!

🤝 Need help?

If you need help with setting up the boilerplate or have other questions - don't hesitate to write in our community forum and we will check asap. Forum link. The best thing about this boilerplate is the super active community ready to help at any time! We help each other.

🚀 Quick Start

💿 Installation

npm install @web3uikit/core @web3uikit/web3 @web3uikit/icons


yarn add  @web3uikit/core @web3uikit/web3 @web3uikit/icons

ℹ️ Each package can be installed separately.

🧰 Usage

import { CryptoCards, Button } from '@web3uikit/core';

const App = () => (
        <Button theme="primary" type="button" text="Launch Dapp" />

▲ Usage with Next.js

If you are using web3uikit with Next.js, be sure to follow the official guide, since we are using styled-components under the hood.

🧭 Table of Contents

🏗️ New Components

Remember to follow steps from to setup your local environment.

Want to add new component ?

  • run pnpm new in terminal and follow the interactive steps to generate templates for a new component.

Want to add new icon ?

  • Add the svg file(s) to web3uikit/packages/icons/src/lib/svgs/ (remember to give meaningful filename, as filename gets converted to icon name)
  • run pnpm run icons:create in terminal and your icon is created. 🔥
  • To verify your newly added icon run pnpm storybook-build. Once storybook is open, navigate to 8.ICONS/Gallery and search for your icon.

Want to add a new Chain Logo ?

  • run pnpm plop "ChainLogo" -- --name "<CHAIN NAME HERE>" --color "<BACKGROUND COLOR HERE>"

    example => pnpm plop "ChainLogo" -- --name "ethereum" --color "#396993"

  • Now in your code editor navigate to web3uikit/packages/core/src/lib/Illustrations/images/chains, here a new file must be created with your chain name, in this file replace <></> with your chain svg code.

  • To verify your newly added chain logo run pnpm storybook-build. Once storybook is open:

    • navigate to 6.Graphic, and your chain logo should be added to Illustration and CryptoLogo component.
    • navigate to 4.UI/CryptoCards, and your chain logo should be added here as well. 😃

📦 Packages

Core module

The core module contains all the basic ui components like button, input, dropdown etc

package Version Changelog Description
@web3uikit/core TODO TODO Contains all the basic UI elements

Icons module

Create an issue with svg code to add more icons or feel free to raise a PR.

package Version Changelog Description
@web3uikit/icons TODO TODO Contains various icons

Web3 module

These are components which have moralis and react-moralis dependency.

package Version Changelog Description
@web3uikit/web3 TODO TODO Contains all the web3 components

‼️ Moralis servers will be deprecated soon. To continue using this package, self host your server by following the steps from moralis docs

🚨 Breaking Changes

  • Icon component does not exist anymore.

  • All component prop type using TIconType are now converted to JSX.Element. List of components that used TIconType prop are:

    • Button
    • Credentials
    • CryptoCards
    • Dropdown
    • Input
    • Notification
    • PopoverElement
    • Select

🧙‍♂️ Community