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Command-line music player
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DirPlay Copyright 2014 Kenneth Christensen

DirPlay is a commandline audio player, designed to fill the gap 

between afplay and iTunes. Navigate to the directory which contains the music you want to play, run DirPlay, and the program will recursively search the directory structure and call afplay on every file. While playing, it displays a list of the files, although at the moment it offers no way to control the order or repeat songs.

Pressing Control-C will cause the afplay process to quit, which 

is equivilant to skipping a song. In order to quit DirPlay, you must use Control-Z to suspend the process, then run "killall afplay && killall DirPlay" in order to close it.

DirPlay accepts the following commandline arguements:

	's': Shuffle the playlist before playing. When used in 
		conjunction with 'r', the songs will be shuffled 
		on each repeat.

	'r': Repeat the playlist indefinitely.

	'h': Help menu pending.

DirPlay was originally conceived to circumvent the need to be 

logged in to listen to music. To this end, running DirPlay in a screen session, then using "Control-A D" to suspend the session will allow you to log out. As usual, using 'screen -r' will resume your screen session.

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