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TxJS sample code of Enyo app showing a fortune cookie service

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This is the sample code for Ben Combee's presentation on Enyo and Node.js at the TXJS 2011 confernece.

You can see the slides for this talk at

This is a simple Enyo application showing a fortune cookie application. It has three implementations of the "get next fortune" code.

  • LocalFortunes.js: hard-coded messages in the JS file
  • FortuneJar.js: reads the messages file in the Enyo app using a enyo.WebService request
  • FortuneService.js: asks a fortune cookie service implemented in node.js for a fortune

The implementation that's used is selected by the commented-out code in app.js.

We supply a build.cmd for building the package on Windows. This can be easily modified into a file for Mac OS X or Linux.

You'll need the HP webOS 3.0 SDK, a free download at to build this and test it. This will run fine in the HP webOS 3.0 emulator or on a HP TouchPad device.

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