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o fixed: md5 digest auth did not work anymore (Daylight server affected)
2015-09-12: Achim Königs <>
o change: made sync more robust agains missbehaving servers (owncloud 8.1 currently)
o fixed: minor cosmetic changes
2015-07-20: Achim Königs <>
o fixed: accounts could not be created anymore under some circumstances
o fixed: service might hang indefinitely on 401 error (still)
2015-07-05: Achim Königs <>
o fixed: on 401 service could hang
o fixed: some exceptions if account that is marked as beeing deleted is synced
2015-06-10: Achim Königs <>
o fixed: contacts with "related" field were not downsynced properly.
o fixed: Could not create google account on webOS 2.1.x.
2015-04-28: Achim Königs <>
o fixed: Sync was not working anymore in 0.3.28.
2015-04-28: Achim Königs <>
o fixed: LuneOS could not create Google accounts anymore.
o fixed: Under some circumstances allday events could not be synced to google
o fixed: sometimes timeout lead to never retry something
o fixed: OAuth timeout could lead to deletion of all folders
2015-04-26: Achim Königs <>
o changed logging so that passwords are more save.
o fixed issue with url schems for horde and
2015-03-06: Achim Königs <>
o fixed issue with recurring event and until rule.
2015-03-06: Achim Königs <>
o fixed: recurring events with exceptions could be added multiple times. Deleting one of them deleted the server event.
o change: (BIG CHANGE!) Now using event timezone id, again. Solves issues with daylight saving times and recurrences.
Please test this carefully. In local tests with Google, ownclound and eGroupware results are better than before.
One issue remains, but this is a bug in the calendar app:
For events from a foreing timezone exceptions are not handled properly and the original occurence will
show in the calendar in addition to possible differing occurences or even though the occurence it has been delete completely.
2015-03-03: Achim Königs <>
o fixed issue with event exceptions not being upsynced properly and possibly lost afterwards.
2015-03-03: Achim Königs <>
o App: stats and status display improvements
o refresh Auth on 401 errors for OAuth and Digest Auth
o reworked ignoreSSLCertificateErrors
o Prevent unnecessary downloads of etags if we see unrecoverable download errors for single items like 404.
2015-02-25: Achim Königs <>
o fix for account creation and URL resolving that required username in URL.
2015-02-24: Achim Königs <>
o hot-fix for account creation with known-server-templates. Accounts created with 0.3.20 might stop working after this version. So please consider recreation if you created an account with 0.3.20.
2015-02-23: Achim Königs <>
o changed reaction to connection close, will wait if something happens.
o improved app to select urlSchems during account creation.
o Fixed: In webOS 2.x OAuth based authentication could be sabotaged by change password dialog in account manager.
o Added button in 2.x app to regain oauth token for accounts that use oauth authentification.
o changed URI handling, should improve downloading from google?
o Prevent sync of deleted folders and fixed deleting multiple folders at once
o "uId" field got renamed to "uid" field for compability with Calendar.IO
o Exit on uncaught exceptions, maybe prevents some service hanging issues.
o Added statistics and status display to the apps and an assistant to the service to fill these
2015-02-23: Achim Königs <>
o fixed possible issue with contact pictures
o fixed allday events get prolonged on sync
o worked around issue with P0D alarm triggers in webOS
o worked around issue where webOS creates alarms with trigger "none".
2015-01-12: Achim Königs <>
o fixed issues with db query limit of 500 objects
o fixed issue with URI encoding that affected Yahoo.
o fixed crash on empty ics retrival
o changed some stuff to allow automated testing (still in early stage)
o fixed google resolving (non critical issue)
o now additionally writing log to /media/internal/.org.webosports.cdav.service.log in order to find crashes
o Retry etag retrival without filtering, if filtering is not supported.
o If upload fails with error code that hints for impossible upload, do not retry upload.
o Fixed minor issues with proxy usage
2014-10-15: Achim Königs <>
o fixed check credentials issue for yahoo accounts.
2014-09-11: Achim Königs <>
o first working mdigest support implemented
o fixed change credentials on webOS 3.x and LuneOS
o categories are now stored for contacts, too and send back to server, so they do not get deleted
o imporved network code for webOS 3.x and LuneOS
o implemented retry mechanism if upsync fails. Prevents deletion of failed upsyncs.
o Allows to ignore certificate errors on webOS 3.x and LuneOS
2014-09-10: Achim Königs <>
o fixed issue with contact export in some cases
o reworked authorization a lot to make md5 digest work (untested)
2014-08-02: Achim Königs <>
o fixed issues with contact import (please install newest contacts patch also, you'll need to uninstall old one!)
o reworked authorization a bit, maybe md5 digest works now.
o minor fixed & imporvements (mostly LuneOS)
2014-07-12: Achim Königs <>
o fixed deleting accounts
o added uri component decoding where necessary, fixes some issues with virtual google-events (like weather or holydays)
o do slow check next time, if download of single items failed.
o go on if single addressbook / calendar fails (relevant for current bug in owncloud 6.0.3. with contact birthdays)
2014-07-04: Achim Königs <>
o changed getting username from google, now retrieves e-mail address and works with google plus deactivated, too.
2014-06-30: Achim Königs <>
o removed wrong unescaping in vCard processing.
2014-06-27: Achim Königs <>
o fixed google login issue on TouchPad
o fixed an issue with redirects in 2.x
o renamed google & yahoo accounts
2014-06-27: Achim Königs <>
o made newer http.request method work on TouchPad, too (previously was tailered only to OWO)
o fixed an issue where the service sometimes deleted just upsynced objects from device
2014-06-11: Achim Königs <>
o reworked retry mechanism a bit (still not sure why that is needed at all)
o fixed some more issues with recurring events
o fxied issues with no events at all
o added filter to get events only one year back (do I need to make that configurable?), future should still be included completely
o fixed another possible sync-endless loop
o fixed issue with ical parsing if no event was received at all
2014-06-10: Achim Königs <>
o fixed issue with upload
o sync on edit now only syncs the edited capability
o implemented proper exception handling for recurring events
o fixed ical parsing error
o reworked timezone handling in ical parsing, should prevent NaN-errors in calendar
o accept delete as succesful if server can't find object
o prevent possible rev-errors in put db, might have caused issues with synconedit syncs
o some code refactoring in syncassistant.
2014-06-09: Achim Königs <>
o fixed possible sync-endless loop because of wrong sync on edit activity creation
2014-06-03: Achim Königs <>
o fixed possible dns issue that could hang the service for ever.
o optimizations in loading routine.
2014-06-03: Achim Königs <>
o fixed possible connection issue that could hang the service for ever.
2014-05-30: Achim Königs <>
o fixed possible crash in service with brittle network connections
o fixed contact sync not working after reboot
2014-05-29: Achim Königs <>
o fixed error in checkCredentials that prevented return on network / authentication errors.
o more fixes to timing out messages, reworked message timeout & retry mechanism
o fixed issues with initial sync and account deletion (please clean up database and activities manually!)
o fixed issue with periodic sync when only one of multiple capabilities is disabled
o fixed issue with periodic sync only syncing contacts (you need to disable ony capability and re-enable it to solve this issue)
o now correctly prevents sync if account is being marked for deletion.
o fixed issue with account creation if contacts were not enabled
2014-05-29: Achim Königs <>
o fixed: auto detection could screw up urls on some servers.
o some fixes to timing out messages, reworked message timeout & retry mechanism
o updated icon
o fixed a bug in ical conversion that could prevent calendarevents from showing up
o added simple proxy support, use http_proxy environment variable to use. (No https connect support, i.e. proxy will be able to read everything and has to handle the https connection)
o removed text-box in google-cred-ui and ask google for display name.
2014-05-28: Achim Königs <>
o added enyo app and moved check-credentials-UI into sub folder.
o created enyo UI for google OAuth2.0 access
o created mojo UI for google OAuth2.0 access
o made service ready to work with OAuth2.0 tokens.
o added onenabled assistant to delete sync on edit activities on disabling.
o fixed issue with account creation.
o removed google.contacts account (you can still use it with general account and url
2014-05-11: Achim Königs <>
o fixed issue carddav/caldav namespaces which lead to issues during discovery and sync for some servers
o fixed issue with empty / VTODO calendar entries which could make the service stuck in sync mode
o fixed content type for vcard/vcalendar downloads
o enabled URL scheme for yahoo
o fixed issue that sometimes error state was forgotten on a failed sync
o changed contet type of xml requests to text/xml.
o added yahoo account
o fixed possible hang in checkCredentials.
2014-05-08: Achim Königs <>
o fixed issue with iCloud folder parsing.
o fixed possible endless loop with sync-on-edit.
2014-05-04: Achim Königs <>
o fixed error display in mojo validator app.
o added url scheme for SOGo server
o reworked url resolving to reduce case manipulation as much as possible
2014-04-11: Achim Königs <>
o fixed possible issue with deleting multiple calendars/addressbooks
o fixed issue with folder uris on some servers.
o added workaround for wrong URIs returned by SOGo server
2014-04-11: Achim Königs <>
o fixed issues with case in URLs.
o changed url resolving logic a bit. Method now returns false on failure, not original URL.
2014-04-11: Achim Königs <>
o fixes for iCloud compability
o made egroupware calenderevents no duplicates hack optional and activate it when egroupware is detected (TODO: implement something to add this manually)
o prevented possible endless loops if server returns corrupted ctags or etags.
o made stuff more robust.
o added google account template to prevent username issue.
o added icloud account template to prevent username issue.
o made sync more memory efficient on big datasets.
2014-04-10: Achim Königs <>
o fixed issues with some calendar events
o urlschemes improved to allow multiple keys, will allow support for hosted owncloud systems
o changed upsync logic to be more robust.
o a lot of fixes in vCard processing which should allow contact upsync in future.
2014-03-02: Achim Königs <>
o Added messages to enyo-app, that it is not to be run manually, at this point in time
o Added another stage to mojo-app to allow some recovering stuff like trigger slow sync.
o Cleaned up auto discovery and added possible support for iCloud.
o Changed host/port/protocol stuff in Caldav.js, now should work fine with multiple servers
o Caldav.js now also reacts to connection issue with server other than send timeout.
o Added urlscheme.js as place to store known server configs in. These do not require a discovery anymore, fallback is implemented, though.
o Prevent local duplicates if upload (or download of etag) did not work.
o Prevent endless loop during redirections to always the same URL.
o Download 10 items at one time, which keeps memory footprint low even for massive downsyncs.
o Changed back sync activity to "sync" which will sync contacts and calendar on periodic sync
o Overwrite "complete" in syncAssistant and allow installation of multiple "SyncOnEdit" activities.
2014-01-04: Achim Königs <>
o Initial test versions send to some testers
o Fixed issues with periodic sync
o service assistants renamed, now single assistants for contacts and cards
o Fixed parsing issues with some caldav server
2013-12-21: Achim Königs <>
o Addition of CardDAV as well as CalDAV support
o Use of mojo sync framework for regular syncs
o Code for two way sync but only downsync enabled by default
o Courtesy to Garfonso for this major push forward
2013-XX-XX: Stefan Schmidt <>
o Initial version (Not functional yet).
o Synergy account connector based on Plaxo example from HP documentation.
o Custom validator UI scene to allow an URL input field and maybe more options later.
2013-08-10: Stefan Schmidt <>
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