Add general translation file with keys that are available globally #186

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As we need some keys at a lot of places and it makes more sense to put them into one "general translations". The Keys that are in that file should then be accessible globally.

@BVBPOWER I hope you can help us on this one :)

@Pascalmh Pascalmh added this to the webSPELL 4.3 milestone Jan 27, 2015

you need some words/senteces translated in different languages?
ansonsten schreib mir mal eine Nachricht auf deutsch auf der webspell seite, hab github ein halbes jahr nicht mehr benutzt^^

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I added a script to check for duplicate language keys:

On current dev it gave me the following output:

Duplicate Language Keys in Site: about, and, articles, awards, buddys, calendar, contact, counter_stats, date, demos, faq, fightus, files, forum, gallery, guest, guestbook, guests, history, imprint, is_editing_his, is_reading_forum, is_reading_newscomments, is_reading_the, is_watching_details_clanwar, is_watching_his, is_watching_profile, is_watching_the, joinus, latest_action, links, linkus, loginoverview, members, messenger, news, newsletter, nickname, now_online, polls, profile, registered_user, registered_users, server, sort, sponsors, squads, status, title_is, title_was, was_editing_his, was_reading_forum, was_reading_newscomments, was_reading_the, was_watching_details_clanwar, was_watching_his, was_watching_profile, was_watching_the, whoisonline, clanwars, 
Duplicate Language Keys in Admincenter: access_denied, max, min, not_logged_in, 

These are language keys which are available in all language files, and could be moved to a global file.
Further checking is required though as not all of the values for the keys have the same meaning.


@Phhere what's the Status on this one, I think you did something here?

Phhere commented Jun 12, 2015

I added a file with general translations for form validation

@Pascalmh Pascalmh modified the milestone: post-4.3, webSPELL 4.3 Jun 4, 2016
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