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Standard modules for Xamboo external loadable application. All modules must be thread-safe.

The released modules are actually:

  • base: is used to control datasources and modules into each of ones. It contains a specific set of pointers to caches, databases, logs, config files, etc. so you will use the correct set of data and tables on the correct site.

import ""

  • tools: is used to give some basic tools for keys, passwords, uuid, md5.

import ""

  • stat: tables to keep stats of use of anything, from site hits to IOT events.

import "" needs: ""

  • user: tables to keep all the administration users of the system, with complex profiles and access rights on the sessions

import "" needs: ""

  • userlink: tables to keep basic data of administration users (primary key, status, name, email) from a distant controller node that have loaded complete xmodules/user

import "" needs: ""

  • translation: a set of translation tables to keep translated words of anything, from database field to files. It supports all the known languages in UTF8.

import "" needs: "" needs: "" or ""

  • country: is the list of ISO official countries ready to use in a database.

import "" needs: "" needs: ""

  • metric: a full set of units to count things and convert between them.

import ""

  • usda: the official USDA tables for nutrients to calculate recipes.

import ""

  • ingredient: tables to manage ingredients for food and recipes.

import ""

  • material: tables to manage materials for recipes, do it yourself, and any type of things you can build.

import ""


  • All the modules have been changed to meet new Xamboo applications interfaces


  • base, user, adminmenu and useradmin support now transactions to setup the modules.
  • Errors control and messages enhanced during the installation of the modules.
  • Separation of basic installation functions into the xmodules/base/installation.go


  • All the modules: enhancement to meet the new main structures and mmodules definition for Xamboo (use of datasource interface, use of bridge and assets modules entries)


  • user: the main admin password is now md5 encrypted


  • Change on all modules to meet new modules standard for Xamboo 1.3 (Datasources, instead of Contexts (wrong nomination), Modules new function StartContext, assets.Datasource interface.)
  • The Xamboo server now controls the standard interfaces for XModules, Applications, Datasources, etc.
  • Context module renamed to Base


  • Modules homologation and Contexts homologation for use with Xamboo


  • Added tools xmodule for basic functions
  • user xmodule enhanced to log-in/log-out and controls session of a user


  • Now uses xcore/v2

Modules soon available: (working on them)

  • client: is a set of clients that can connect to the system with basic metadata, social source and basic data

import ""

  • clientremote: is a table to link clients PK/FKs but from a distant client set of tables in another database/server

import ""

  • clientsecurity: is a set of access tables to build a solid set of access rights, profiles, atomic rights, etc.

import ""

  • clientp18n: personalization for clients, to add any type of connected data to the clients, from colors to navigation and AI resolutions.

import ""


All purpose modules for Xamboo







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