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Adds the latest version of structuremap and configures it as the default Dependency Resolver. Works with 'Controllers' and 'ApiControllers'.
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An MVC4 IDependencyResolver wrapper for Structuremap 2.x

Works with 'Controllers' and 'ApiControllers'.

[What it adds to your solution]

2 directories to the root of your MVC project:

  • App_Start (If not already in your solution)
  • DependencyResolution

3 Files:

  • App_Start/StructuremapMvc.cs
  • DependencyResolution/StructureMapDependencyResolver.cs
  • DependencyResolution/StructureMapDependencyScope.cs
  • DependencyResolution/IoC.cs (Structuremap's ObjectFactory Initialization, this is where you would define your mappings)

[Default configuration]

public static IContainer Initialize() {
        ObjectFactory.Initialize(x =>
                        x.Scan(scan =>
        //                x.For<IExample>().Use<Example>();
        return ObjectFactory.Container;

This configuration will just work for any Interfaces and concrete implementations that follow the default convention and are part of the MVC project. I.E. ISomeService.cs implemented with SomeService.cs

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