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Qoob - Realtime Frontend Page Builder

Thank you for choosing Qoob - a high-performance page builder. It offers a huge amount of tools and features absolutely FREE.


It is the easiest and the fastest website builder for WordPress. No need for coding skills. It is a perfect solution, that save you from any prior design and let you handle it without hiring a professional. Just upload your content and get a working cross-platform website, fully adjusted to all devices available on the market. Our qoob website was built with the help of "qoob" plugin.

Advantages of Qoob

  • The visual editor allows users quickly and easily create, edit, and format your page content. The editing interface will always reflect how your project will look for users, with no page reloads, no extra bars or wait time.
  • So easy - Simply drag and drop the desired block to build your website in a few clicks.
  • Touch Screen Ready - Qoob supports touchscreen devices including platforms such as iOS and Android devices.
  • Qoob automatically optimizes your pages for easy viewing on a variety of mobile devices. You can hide items in the mobile version. In this case the main site will remain the same. Your website will look good on any device.
  • No programming and complete creative freedom. This tool provides automatic coding. Whether you’re a professional web developer that never wrote a line of code, this qoob is for you.
  • It's free - A free website builder Qoob offering a huge amount of tools and features with an intuitive interface.

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to post me to https://github.com/webarkio/wp_qoob/issues. Thanks so much!


Installing Through The WordPress Admin

  1. Head over to Plugins > Add New in the admin
  2. Search for "qoob"
  3. Install & activate the plugin
  4. Visit any page in your frontend
  5. Click the "Edit with qoob" button on the top of the page and start building your page!

Installing Through FTP

  1. Download the ZIP file and unpack it
  2. Upload the qoob to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  4. You are now ready to use the qoob builder by going to any page and clicking on qoob


Documentation is available on qoob.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a page with qoob

Qoob is the editor consisting of blocks. Work in Qoob simplifies the task of page creation.

  1. Go to Page -> Add New
  2. Click on button "qoob"

How to add the blocks

There are several ways for adding the block in qoob.

  1. To add a block in the page, please, click on the block. Each new block is added to the end of the page, under the blocks that were added earlier. After that you can add blocks by dragging.
  2. You find a block in the group and move it to the necessary place. This place will be highlighted.

How to edit the blocks

You can edit information in each block of the page. For this purpose click the necessary block on the right of the page. In the left you can see settings of this block.

How to delete / move blocks

  1. Click the necessary block.
  2. By pressing the Delete / Move button in the left bottom corner of settings you can change postion of the block or delete it from the page.

How to change the media center

  1. Click the necessary block.
  2. In the settings click the image, video or icon to choose it. To return to the previous media, click on it again.