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Bulk memory operations
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binji [spec] Use optional data instance, not data address (#93)
data.drop must update the store, not the frame. There may be multiple
copies of the frame, so any updates will only update once. We can make
sure that all copies are updated by using an indirection through data
addresses and updating the store instead.

See discussion in PR #92.
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document [spec] Use optional data instance, not data address (#93) Jun 8, 2019
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Bulk Memory Operations Proposal for WebAssembly

This repository is a clone of It is meant for discussion, prototype specification and implementation of a proposal to add bulk memory operations (e.g. instructions with behavior similar to memmove and memset) to WebAssembly.

See the overview for a summary of the proposal.

Original README from upstream repository follows...


This repository holds the sources for the WebAssembly draft specification (to seed a future WebAssembly Working Group), a reference implementation, and the official testsuite.

A formatted version of the spec is available here:,

Participation is welcome. Discussions about new features, significant semantic changes, or any specification change likely to generate substantial discussion should take place in the WebAssembly design repository first, so that this spec repository can remain focused. And please follow the guidelines for contributing.

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