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Log Emails


1.3.1, 2018-11-26

  • fixed: log date shows as "Last modified"

1.3.0, 2018-11-20

  • fixed: recursive looping when saving a post triggers an email on publish state (e.g. Notification plugin)
  • tested: WordPress 5.0

1.2.1, 2016-11-26

  • fixed: password obfuscation for the current locale supports non-ascii characters

1.2.0, 2016-11-21

  • fixed: capture BuddyPress email recipients
  • fixed: remove Mine filter on list of email logs
  • fixed: stop some post admin plugins messing with the list of email logs
  • added: search also looks in From, To, CC, BCC email addresses
  • added: sort by subject, recipients
  • changed: password obfuscation also for the current locale
  • changed: menu item names are now Log Emails, the same as the plugin name

1.1.0, 2016-07-02

  • SECURITY FIX: any logged-in user could see any email log or other post by guessing a post ID (thanks for responsible disclosure, Plugin Vulnerabilities)
  • fixed: second row of action links for each log in list
  • fixed: move Date column back to end of row in list
  • changed: don't sanitize email log body / alt-body when saving, to preserve more of actual email for log view (credit: Hrohh)
  • changed: restrict log view CSS so that it doesn't affect email content display (credit: Hrohh)
  • changed: improved accessibility in the log view page
  • added: warn when an email is missing sender, recipients, subject, or body

1.0.6, 2015-12-02

1.0.5, 2014-12-18

  • fixed: undefined property delete_posts on custom post type capabilities in WordPress 4.1

1.0.4, 2014-11-03

  • fixed: default sort order is by ID descending, to avoid ordering errors when logs occur in the same second
  • added: Czech translation (thanks, Rudolf Klusal!)

1.0.3, 2014-09-06

  • fixed: PHP warning on static call to non-static methods in class LogEmailsCache_WpSuperCache
  • fixed: fix WordPress 4.0 box shadow on return-to-list :focus

1.0.2, 2014-08-21

  • fixed: bulk action checkboxes not appearing on stand-alone WordPress sites

1.0.1, 2014-08-20

  • fixed: menu link not appearing on stand-alone WordPress sites
  • added: uninstall handler to remove logs when plugin is uninstalled

1.0.0, 2014-08-16

  • initial public release
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