A jQuery timepicker plugin inspired by Google Calendar.
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Timepicker Plugin for jQuery

timepicker screenshot

See a demo and examples here

jquery.timepicker is a timepicker plugin for jQuery inspired by Google Calendar. It supports both mouse and keyboard navigation.


  • jQuery (>= 1.6 recommended; jquery-timepicker has not been tested on 1.5)



options is an optional javascript object with parameters explained below.


  • className
    A class name to apply to the HTML element that contains the timepicker dropdown.
    default: null

  • minTime
    The time that should appear first in the dropdown list. default: 12:00am

  • maxTime The time that should appear last in the dropdown list. Can be used to limit the range of time options. default: 24 hours after minTime

  • showDuration
    Shows the relative time for each item in the dropdown. minTime or durationTime must be set.
    default: false

  • durationTime
    The time against which showDuration will compute relative times.
    default: minTime

  • step
    The amount of time, in minutes, between each item in the dropdown.
    default: 30

  • timeFormat
    How times should be displayed in the list and input element. Uses PHP's date() formatting syntax.
    default: 'g:ia'

  • scrollDefaultNow
    If no time value is selected, set the dropdown scroll position to show the current time.
    default: false

  • onSelect
    A function to call after the user selects a time from the dropdown. Function will be with no arguments and this set to the input element. jquery-timepicker will also trigger the onChange event for the input element.
    default: null

This software is made available under the open source MIT License. © 2012 Jon Thornton, contributions from Anthony Fojas, Vince Mi, Nikita Korotaev, Spoon88, elarkin