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# Common tasks:
# make -- Full build
# make clean -- Clean up built files
# make again -- Clean and rebuild
SHELL := /bin/bash
CLASSPATH=$(shell echo $(wildcard lib/*.jar) | sed -e 's/ /:/g')
JARJARRULES='rule org.jboss.netty.**'
# Default target: Compile, run tests and build tarball
all: jar test
jar: dist/$(LIBRARY).jar dist/$(LIBRARY)-src.jar dist/$(LIBRARY)-all-in-one.jar
test: build/.tests-pass
.PHONY: all jar test
# Run sample chatroom
chatroom: test dist/$(LIBRARY)-all-in-one.jar
java -cp $(CLASSPATH):dist/$(LIBRARY)-all-in-one.jar:build/$(LIBRARY)-tests.jar samples.chatroom.Main
.PHONY: chatroom
# Run sample chatroom
flashroom: test dist/$(LIBRARY)-all-in-one.jar
java -cp $(CLASSPATH):dist/$(LIBRARY)-all-in-one.jar:build/$(LIBRARY)-tests.jar samples.flashchatroom.Main
.PHONY: chatroom
# Run echo server - used by Autobahn
echo: test dist/$(LIBRARY)-all-in-one.jar
java -Xmx256m -cp $(CLASSPATH):dist/$(LIBRARY)-all-in-one.jar:build/$(LIBRARY)-tests.jar samples.echo.Main
.PHONY: echo
# Function to find files in directory with suffix. $(call find,dir,ext)
find = $(shell find $(1) -name '*.$(2)')
# Function to extract Test class names from a jar. $(call extracttests,foo.jar)
extracttests = $(shell jar tf $(1) | grep 'Test.class$$' | sed -e 's|/|.|g;s|.class$$||')
# Compile core Jar (just classes, no dependencies)
dist/$(LIBRARY).jar: $(call find,.,java)
@mkdir -p build/main/classes
@mkdir -p dist
javac -g -cp $(CLASSPATH) -d build/main/classes $(call find,src/main/java,java)
jar cf $@ -C build/main/classes .
# Merge dependencies with core jar into an all-in-one jar.
dist/$(LIBRARY)-all-in-one.jar: dist/$(LIBRARY).jar
@mkdir -p dist
@echo Packaging everything together into one jar...
java -jar lib/autojar.jar -o build/$(LIBRARY)-merged.jar -c $(CLASSPATH) dist/$(LIBRARY).jar
java -jar lib/jarjar-1.1.jar process <(echo $(JARJARRULES)) build/$(LIBRARY)-merged.jar $@
# Assemble source jar
dist/$(LIBRARY)-src.jar: $(call find,src/main/java,java)
@mkdir -p dist
jar cf $@ -C src/main/java .
# Compile tests
build/$(LIBRARY)-tests.jar: dist/$(LIBRARY).jar $(call find,src/test/java,java)
@mkdir -p build/test/classes
cp -R src/test/resources/* build/test/classes
javac -encoding UTF-8 -g -cp $(CLASSPATH):dist/$(LIBRARY).jar -d build/test/classes $(call find,src/test/java,java)
jar cf $@ -C build/test/classes .
# Run tests, and create .tests-pass if they succeed
build/.tests-pass: build/$(LIBRARY)-tests.jar
@rm -f $@
java -cp dist/$(LIBRARY).jar:build/$(LIBRARY)-tests.jar:$(CLASSPATH) org.junit.runner.JUnitCore $(call extracttests,build/$(LIBRARY)-tests.jar)
@touch $@
# Run Autobahn tests
autobahn: bin/python
PYTHONPATH=src/test/Autobahn/lib/python bin/python src/test/Autobahn/testsuite/websockets/
.PHONY: autobahn
python --no-site-packages .
# Clean up
rm -rf build dist out
.PHONY: clean
@(echo | gpg -ab --batch > /dev/null 2>&1) || (echo "ERROR: gpg-agent not running"; /bin/false)
mvn release:clean
mvn --batch-mode -P release-sign-artifacts release:prepare
mvn --batch-mode -P release-sign-artifacts release:perform
git checkout HEAD~1
make clean
mvn -P release-sign-artifacts gpg:sign-and-deploy-file -Durl= -DrepositoryId=sonatype-nexus-staging -DpomFile=pom.xml -Dfile=dist/webbit-all-in-one.jar -Dclassifier=full
git checkout master
.PHONY: release
again: clean all
.PHONY: again