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Phil is a simple script to automate adding new entries to you /etc/hosts file and you vhosts file. This can be useful for developers using Apache and (optionally) PHP. Phil is super easy to get started with, you can download the install.php file and run it or, for a simple one command install you can run the following in your terminal:

php -r "eval(file_get_contents(''));"

Why this sneaky "eval some random contents url" thing? It's mainly just a convenience.

  • redirects to this gist
  • The gist is some php script grabs the install.php script from this repo, stores it to a temp location and runs it.
  • If you're uneasy, feel free to trace things back yourself. Or just download and run the install.php script yourself.

Once Phil is installed (and you've followed the on screen instructions, including adding a sudo alias in your ~/.bash_profile and re-sourcing your ~/.bash_profile) you'll want to run phil -init to initialize your templates and config file. See the Phil Commands section below for more usage details.

From the help file

Phil automates setting up local dev domains for use with Apache.

Setting up config variables:

To set up a new config variable run `phil -set var_key var_value` where
`var_key` is the name of the variable to set and `var_value` is the value.
Note that only letters are accepted for the `var_key` argument."

Required config variables:

hosts -- the location of your hosts file, this is almost always '/etc/hosts'
vhosts -- the location of your vhosts or httpd.conf file

Phil Commands:

-init -- initialize the config file, you must do this before using Phil
         this will overwrite any existing config params
-set [key] [value] -- sets a param in the config file
-get [key] -- gets the value of a given config param
-get -- gets the value of all config params
-unset -- removes a config param
[domain] [folder] -- sets up a new domain by writing to `hosts` and `vhosts`
                     note that you will likely need to sudo this command
-version -- check the current version of Phil and check for updates
-update -- update Phil to the latest version
-help -- read this help screen

Updating Phil: phil is tracked with git to update Phil to the latest version, simply cd into ~/.phil and run git pull

Customizing Output: to customize the output to your hosts and vhosts files edit the template.hosts.txt and template.vhost.txt files in ~/.phil after running phil -init

Made by @webbtj ~ Lazy AF

Tested in OSX 10.11.3 with PHP 5.6.8

License: MIT, see license.txt for more info


Automate the annoyances of setting up a new local subdomain for Apache/PHP development







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