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This plugin supports the display of regions defined in the Factions plugin. The configuration is found in the config.yml file, found in the plugins/Dynmap-Factions directory. The default config.yml content is:

# Dynmap-Factions configuration
  # Seconds between checks for Factions updates
  period: 300

  name: "Factions"
  # Make mobs layer hidden by default
  hidebydefault: false
  # ordering priority in layer menu (low goes before high - default is 0)
  layerprio: 0

# Format for popup - substitute values for macros
infowindow: '<div class="infowindow"><span style="font-size:120%;">%regionname%</span><br />Flags<br /><span style="font-weight:bold;">%flags%</span></div>'

  strokeColor: "#FF0000"
  strokeOpacity: 0.8
  strokeWeight: 3
  fillColor: "#FF0000"
  fillOpacity: 0.35
  homeicon: "redflag"

# Optional setting to limit which regions to show, by name - if commented out, all regions are shown
visibleregions: [ ]

# Optional setting to hide specific regions, by name
hiddenregions: [ ]

# Optional per-region overrides for regionstyle (any defined replace those in regionstyle)
    strokeColor: "#00FF00"
    strokeColor: "#007F00"

The settings for this plugin are defined below:

  • update : The settings in this section control details of how and when updates from Factions are processed. The following settings are defined:

    • period : This specifies the number of seconds between checks of the Factions configuration.
  • infowindow : this setting controls the generation of the HTML within the popup window displayed with the region is clicked. Several substitution macros are supported, which will be resolved into appropriate data specific to the region being displayed:

    • %regionname% - the tag of the faction

    • %playerowners% - the owner player of the faction

    • %playermembers% - the names of the players that are members of the faction

    • %nation% - the tag of the faction

    • %flags% - the various attribute flags for the region

  • regionstyle : this is a map of attributes used for describing the coloring of the outline and fill for the regions being presented. The names of the Marker icons to be used for marking the town's home block (both if it is a nation's capital or if not) can be defined. The attributes include:

    • strokeColor : this specified the color of the outline of the regions

    • strokeOpacity : this specifies how opaque the outline is (0.0 = transparent, 1.0 = solid)

    • strokeWeight : this specifies the thickness of the outline

    • fillColor : this specifies the color used to fill the interior of the region

    • fillOpacity : this specifies how opaque the fill color is (0.0 = transparent, 1.0 = solid)

    • homeicon : Name of the Dynmap Marker Icon to be used for marking the factions home location. If not defined, no marker is shown. See for details on standard markers, and how to add custom markers.

  • visibleregions : this optional parameter, if defined, is used to provide a list of town names to be shown (any not on the list will not be shown). If the visibleregions attribute is not defined (the default), all towns will be shown.

  • hiddenregions : this optional parameter, if defined, is used to provide a list of town names to NOT be shown.

  • custstyle : this optional parameter, if defined, allows the regionstyle attributes used for specific regions to be overridden. The sections under the custstyle correspond to the name of the region to be customized, and the attributes within that section are the style settings (strokeColor, strokeOpacity, strokeWeight, fillColor, fillOpacity, homeicon) that will be used in place of the defaults from the regionstyle setting.

  • layer : This section controls display of the layer on the Dynmap maps, The attributes defined within the section include:

    • label : Name of the layer (controls what is shown on the layer selector).

    • hidebydefault : this optional parameter, if defined and set to true, changes the default visibility state for the map layer with the region information to be hidden. The layer can still be made visible with the layer control on the web client UI.

    • layerprio : this optional parameter provides an ordering weight for the layer in the layer selection control, which orders from lowest to highest layerprio (and then alphabetically for equal priority layers). Default is 2.

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