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Dynmap is a Google Maps-like map for your Minecraft server that can be viewed in a browser. Easy to set up when making use of Dynmap's integrated webserver which works out-of-the-box, while also available to be integrated into existing websites running on Apache and the like. Dynmap can render your worlds using different renderers, some suitable for performance, some for high detail.

Supported for Minecraft 1.8.9+ on Spigot and Forge, and works with forks like Paper and SpongeForge.

The original project was developed for hMod by k-zed.

Quick Links- Bukkit Plugin - Forge Mod + BlockScan - Latest Builds

Note: 1.13+ is in alpha, check for updates on the main download pages. It will arrive when it arrives. Please be respectful, search for issues before logging any problems, and help others.


For users

For developers

The dynmap project consists of multiple components that have been divided to allow for support of multiple server platforms, as well as allowing our 'published API' to be more clearly expressed. The components needed to build 'dynmap' (the Dynmap plugin for Bukkit) are the following (in the order they need to be built):

  • DynmapCoreAPI - this is the platform neutral API for Dynmap: plugin writers can use this to interface with Dynmap on any platform (by casting the Plugin instance for the dynmap plugin to 'org.dynmap.DynmapCoreAPI').

  • DynmapCore - this is the server-neutral core of Dynmap: nearly all the web and rendering logic for Dynmap is here (as much of it as we can put in). The build results here are not runnable - they're input to the 'dynmap' component build and others (e.g. 'DynmapSpout', which is for the Spout server).

  • dynmap-api - this is the Bukkit-specific API library for Dynmap - it defines the org.dynmap.DynmapAPI interface, which includes Bukkit-specific calls. As with the DynmapCoreAPI (which DynmapAPI extends), take the Plugin instance for 'dynmap' and cast it to org.dynmap.DynmapAPI to access the published interfaces.

  • dynmap - this component builds the actual dynmap-for-Bukkit deliverable, and only includes code which cannot be made server-neutral.

How to compile Dynmap

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