HTML5 (plugin-free) web-based terminal emulator and SSH client
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Gate One is an HTML5 web-based terminal emulator and SSH client.  Top features:

    * No browser plugins required!
    * Supports multiple simultaneous terminal sessions.  As many as your
      hardware can handle.
    * Users can re-connect to their running terminals whenever they like from
    * Can be embedded into other applications.  Add a terminal--running whatever
      application(s) you want--to your web app!  Would be vastly superior to
      say, a Java-based serial console applet (hint hint).
    * Includes powerful plugin system that supports plugins written in Python,
      JavaScript, and even CSS (yes, you can write a CSS-only plugin).
    * The Gate One server can be stopped & started without users losing their
      running terminal applications (even SSH sessions stay connected!).  In
      essence, worry-free upgrades!
    * The SSH plugin allows users to duplicate sessions without having to
      re-enter their username and password (it re-uses the existing SSH tunnel).
    * Provides users with the ability to play back and save/share their terminal
      sessions via a self-contained HTML playback file.
    * Similarly, supports server-side logging, recording, and video-like
      playback of user sessions.  It can even log to syslog to support
      whatever centralized logging system you want.
    * Keberos-based Single Sign-on support is included.  It even works with
      Active Directory.  Other authentication options are available as well.

All documentation is in the "gateone/docs" directory.  The HTML documentation is
pre-built and ready-to-read.

IMPORTANT:  Gate One is currently IN BETA.  Some things may be incomplete or
buggy.  Feel free to open new tickets in the issue tracker!

FYI:  Gate One was developed entirely by one guy in his spare time over the
course of ~9 months.  It turned out pretty good so he's looking to start a
business out of it.  What better way to create jobs than to start by creating
one for yourself?   All feedback, tips, and advice is appreciated:

NOTE: hasn't been built yet so links pointing there
will be dead for a while.