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2010-08-04 Felipe Coury

  • Properties class properly saves array values. Fixes #23

2010-08-03 Felipe Coury

  • Fixed a failing test by pending it with explanatory message.

  • Fixed bug where database.yml was not being excluded from git.

2010-07-28 Felipe Coury

  • Added Beanstalk

2010-07-22 Felipe Coury

  • Fixed spelling in addons command

  • New installation message

2010-07-21 Felipe Coury

  • Prevents errors if addons param is malformed

2010-07-20 Felipe Coury

  • Added `wn open' command. Closes #22

  • Adds SSH key when initializing. Closes #15

  • Added support for addons. Closes #20

2010-07-04 Felipe Coury

  • Error message when using Django engine and isn't found

  • Updated gemspec and Manifest

  • Now all commands work with an alternate SSH port when wn init –port=PORT is used. Fixed a small bug on options validation. Fixes #19

  • Handles connection refused when attempting to run commands

  • Changed AWS S3 back help text to point to the correct URL. Fixes #17

2010-07-01 Felipe Coury

  • Bumped gem version to 0.2.5.beta2.

  • Added Django initialization code for handling .gitignore and creation.

  • Taken Rails-specific code out of init command.

  • Added prepare to Engine and extracted Gemfile detection code to Rails3 engine class.

  • Added engine_id, engine_name and git_excluded specs for engines

  • Invalid engine shows error message and triggers interactive engine selection.

  • Starting of Engine-specific preparation and validation code (WIP)

  • Refactoring on the Engine detection methods.

  • Engine detection refactoring (work in progress).

2010-06-30 Felipe Coury

  • Fixed order of settings

  • Detects pontential problems before engine detection

  • Engine detection refactoring

  • Marked gem as 0.2.5.beta1. Closes #12. Closes #13.

2010-06-29 Felipe Coury

  • Made webbynode gem compatible with Windows.

2010-06-28 Felipe Coury

  • Merge commit ''

  • Removed jcode as a dependency. Fixes #8.

  • Removed cucumber.yml for the time being

  • Improved wn init feedback

2010-06-27 Felipe Coury

  • When user has only one Webby, assumes it when `init' command is used. When user has multiple Webbies and the param is omitted, shows a list of user's Webbies.

  • Removed features temporarily

  • Init command now takes DNS entry as an option (–dns=xyz) and started simplification of wn init, making the webby parameter optional if user only have one Webby.

  • Fixed option parsing to allow

  • Renamed feature for the time being

2010-06-26 Felipe Coury

  • Rapp automatic updates support Command `wn apps' - lists all the current apps on a Webby Bumped Gem version

2010-06-24 Felipe Coury

  • Added changelog

  • Rails 3 autodetection

  • Small typo on Gemfile error message

  • Uses bundler to check for sqlite3-ruby dependency in Gemfile. If found, issues an error message with proper instructions. Closes #6.

  • Fixed version command

  • Stops tracking db/schema.rb and config/database.yml if there is an existing git repo. Closes #7. Doesn't allow init to run if current app in on a dirty git state.

2010-06-24 Michael van Rooijen

  • Adjusted the Gemfile error text.

2010-06-23 Felipe Coury

  • Adds db/schema.rb and config/database.yml to .gitignore. Closes #7.

2010-03-28 Felipe Coury

  • When init is run for a second time, offers the user the possibility to overwrite settings. Gemspec Bumped to 0.2.3.

2010-03-16 Felipe Coury

  • If .gitconfig has a pair and a section with same name, an error was thrown. Fixes #5.

2010-02-25 Felipe Coury

  • Fixed small problem with FileUtils

2010-02-16 Felipe Coury

  • Moved dependencies up

  • Fixed dependencies to include net-ssh and highline

2010-02-06 Felipe Coury

  • Fixed spec error on api_client_spec

2010-02-05 Felipe Coury

  • Fixed install message.

  • Improved log messages

  • Added `webbies' command

2010-02-03 Felipe Coury

  • When user doesn't pick a DNS, uses application name as DNS (for Fixed commands summary to less than 80 chars. Improved feedback messages.

  • Added command `add_backup' to configure backup to S3

  • Keep setting about deployment on a single properties file called .webbynode/settings

2010-02-02 Felipe Coury

  • Changing DNS is only allowed if git has no pending changes. Now it creates a new git commit with the change.

  • Fixed the error message when an unkown option is provided and added generic –help option (same as wn help <cmd>)

  • Doesn't allow user to push when application has changes pending, unless the –dirty option is provided.

  • Checks if file exists

  • Checks if file exists

2010-02-01 Felipe Coury

  • Uses git to delete the alias

  • Removes DNS_ALIAS from git as well

  • Removes the alias when changing DNS

  • Better handling of DNS entries. Uses Domainatrix to set www and blank A records when needed.

  • Initializes .webbynode directory structure

  • Initial steps of the `webbies' command

  • Made the installation message shorter and pointing to the Guides page

  • Improved output from commands

  • Added change_dns to webbynode.rb

  • Added option to create a file with executable permissions

  • Added change_dns command

  • Validations were raising exceptions instead of providing the user with an error message.

  • Manifest

  • Improved formatting and text of help messages.

  • Removed legacy files commands and helpers

2010-02-01 Michael van Rooijen

  • Updated the install message.

  • made the yes? no? command more readable.

  • downcase yes? and no? methods to make it more fail proof.

  • Forgot to add an exit method. No error will be raised when a non existent command is passed in as an argument.

  • When running the help command with no arguments, will default to 'help commands' so a list of available commands will be displayed.

  • Fixed GrowlNotify detection bug.

2010-01-31 Felipe Coury

  • Manifest

  • Shows available commands when no arguments give. Large room for improvement on formatting.

  • Added summary for alias

  • Added 'help commands' and summary to all commands

  • Added summary for Config command and some aliases

  • Added config command.

  • Uses CommandError when we need to provide feedback to the user

  • Handles Unauthorized errors on the Command base class

  • Bumped version to 0.2.0

  • Removed debug leftover

  • Added a warning when the DNS is already setup and using init with –dns option.

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • Added –engine option to init command and fixed Mocha warning.

  • Fixed API token checking

2010-01-31 Michael van Rooijen

  • Added confirmation for when a user invokes the start/stop/restart commands.

  • Fixed incorrect status.

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • Added Start Stop Restart commands.

2010-01-30 Felipe Coury

  • Creates the DNS entry when option –dns is passed to wn init

  • Added error handling for the API email and token (when it's wrong, not provided) during interactive or loaded from file session

  • Checks if Webby exists on init command. Reports a different error when the user mispelled the Webby name and when the user doesn't have any Webby on his account.

2010-01-29 Michael van Rooijen

  • Cleaned up code and renamed all “server” to “webby” because we're cool like that.

  • Adjusted the SSH class to log a friendly message, instead of an ugly raised error, to the user when the authentication fails even after providing a password. Also when the server could not be found / is offline, another friendly message will be displayed. This should globally fix the remote/connection ugly error stuff for all commands. (afaik!)

  • Updated push spec.

  • Added a friendly message incase the application has not been deployed to the webby.

  • Slightly adjusted the Push command for cleaner code and nicer user feedback through log/growl.

  • Fixed the message for the delete command.

  • Changes the message the user sees when adding a local ssh key to the webby.

  • Removed the global validation method that only applies to the remote command.

  • Added Easter Egg when pushand isn't present!

  • Removed DS_Store file and added it to gitignore..

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • Added Growl Notifications to Webbynode Gem for users that have it installed.

2010-01-28 Felipe Coury

  • Added über simple validation for Options and Parameters. Applied validation rules for tasks command.

  • Manifest

  • Added `delete' command and improved `push'

  • Additional spec for Array parameters

  • Added `summary' option to Commands

  • Removed commented out left overs

2010-01-28 Michael van Rooijen

  • displays a friendly message when no aliases have been set.

  • When an official Webbynode command is not found, the gem will attempt to read the aliases file and see if an alias has been set up for the specified command. If so, it will extract the command and execute it on the remote server from the application root.

  • Added a method that can extract the command from a given alias.

  • Added some custom validations for Alias command for determining if the provided command is blank or already exists. Will display a friendly message to the user if so in both cases.

  • You can now display the list of available aliases by calling: wn aliases show. A list of aliases will now be shown after each add or remove action.

  • You can now also remove aliases with the alias command.

  • Base functionality has been added for adding aliases.

  • Base setup for Aliases Command.

2010-01-27 Felipe Coury

  • Array parameters allowed in any position

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • Tests array params

  • Avoid using map &:method to be 1.8.6 compatible

  • Manifest. Gem starts to work again, thanks to integration testing :)

  • Added first cucumber feature

  • Improved command parsing and added `help' command

2010-01-27 Michael van Rooijen

  • Fixed issue with the webbynode addkey command. Now properly executes.

  • Added two more RSpec tests for Push Command.

  • Removed the arguments for the Tasks initializer, as they are no longer required.

  • Added Push Command.

  • Added a new method to the Task class. Made a few methods public.

  • made some adjustments to various stuff. base setup for push.

  • Added version command.

  • Changed back to Array parameter type.

  • Fixed issues for Tasks. All tests pass again.

  • current issues commit

  • Removed before_create and after_create.

  • Adjusted some tests based on the changes that had to be made to fix the issues.

  • Restructured the server class. the ip attr never got set and it could never connect to the webby through the remote_executor method.

  • Fixed output problem. Had to add an echo parameter which wasn't available.

  • removed .webbynode

2010-01-26 Felipe Coury

  • It's the commands revolution! Run for your lives!

  • Fixed failing errors

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • Added support for capturing stdout (puts) and performing assertions after testings that emit output.

2010-01-26 Michael van Rooijen

  • Fixed the final issues with the tasks command. Should now work properly. Init command should now create a .webbynode folder as well. Tasks folder and files will be automatically created by the Tasks command when needed.

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • pointless commit. but i wanted to merge

  • Added a Webbynode::DirectoryNotFound exception class. requires_initialization! now also confirms the existence of .webbynode folder. Task command will no longer attempt to create a .webbynode folder since this should already exist, and is being confirmed initially before performing any actions.

  • Added more tests for the opposite of the creation of files and folders for the tasks command.

  • Ensures the availability of the .webbynode/tasks folder and task files within this folder.

  • Updated tasks to output a message, telling the user that he has not yet set up any tasks.

  • Renamed selected_file/selected_tasks to session_file/session_tasks.

  • Added show method for Tasks

  • Added remove command for Tasks.

2010-01-25 Felipe Coury

  • Fixed Rakefile

  • Added devver.rake

  • Added jcode require to use each_char

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • Added support for command descriptor methods to allow dynamic help and validation

2010-01-25 Michael van Rooijen

  • Base ability to add tasks. No official file / folder structure creation.

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • Base setup for Tasks

  • Added help command. An RSpec test and commented out a lot of Helpers, left in only 4. Requiring them from webbynode.rb to be included inside other Webbynode classes.

2010-01-24 Felipe Coury

  • Added ApiClient specs and added option to give Webby name when using `init' command.

  • Using RSpec in a better way - using `double' instead of `mock' and using let(:var) for initializing doubles and reusable vars.

  • Added support for DNS parameter to `init' command.

2010-01-23 Michael van Rooijen

  • Fixed remaining test.

  • Lots of adjustments. One test pending. Cannot figure out how to bypass the SSH conncetion.

2010-01-22 Felipe Coury

  • Fixed commit success detection

  • Fixed create_from_template to allow giving another name for the template

  • Refactoring of command interaction, extracted validation if webbynode was initialized, added PushAnd class.

  • Manifest

  • Added pending specs for Init command. Should be complete now.

  • Uses older RSpec versions-compatible matcher `should raise_error' instead of `should raise_exception'.

  • Merge branch 'bdd'

  • Making commands inherit from Webbynode::Command and changed slightly Remote command to conform to the base class.

  • Extract Webbynode::Application to it's own source and broken down into Application and Command classes. Added matching specs.

  • Merge branch 'bdd' of into bdd

  • Making commands adhere to a common interface to apply an ancestor Webbynode::Command soon.

  • Specs for parsing parameters and options.

  • Merge branch 'bdd' of into bdd

  • Added application_spec and improved command parsing.

  • Improved existing specs and added new spec for Webbynode::Application

  • Changed specs folder hierarchy to match lib/'s

  • Improved spec descriptions and grouping. Added pending specs for `init' command.

  • Added commands to Webbynode::Commands namespace and fixed tests accordingly

  • Added helper classes and specs for them

2010-01-22 Michael van Rooijen

  • Re-Manifest

  • Cleaned some stuff up for readability. Added a test for providing an ip to the remote executor.

  • Added more methods to Git class. webbynode_remote? and parse_remote_ip.

  • Merge branch 'bdd' of into bdd

  • Added Git Config Parser

  • Added another test for remote command

  • Refactored the before do using a helper method that loads them all.

  • Added more tests for remote command.

  • moved remote_spec to spec/webbynode/commands

  • Merge branch 'bdd' of into bdd

  • Started working on Remote Command.

2010-01-21 Felipe Coury

  • More BDD.

  • Renamed commands_spec into init_command_spec.

  • DRYed out failure git specs

  • Added commit and generic test for general git failures.

  • Improved git specs.

  • Rewrote `init' command completely using BDD.

  • Specs for init command

2010-01-21 Michael van Rooijen

  • Small spec expression for readability change.

2010-01-20 Felipe Coury

  • Manifest

  • Added better SSH support for asynchronous executions. Tests are broken!

  • Initial Webbynode Commit

  • Fixed tests

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • Commiting broken classes to merge upstream

2010-01-19 Felipe Coury

  • Added `< /dev/null' to the command to be executed. This causes the input handler to exhaust, making every input fail, preventing from hanging ;)

  • Aliases webbynode to wn

  • Updated Manifest. Removed outermost `describes' from specs (they didn't make sense). Fixed `webby init' with no params (temporary fix) and `webbynode init <webby-name>' now works.

  • Initial Webbynode Commit

  • Splitted specs into multiple, specialized and smaller _spec files

  • Regenerated Manifest

  • Fixed ramaining `Wn::' usage to `Webbynode::'

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • Added support for `init' command with Webby name (as opposed to IP) Added support for Webbynode API interaction Added prompt for API email/token when ~/.webbynode is absent

  • Added support for Webbynode API, with input for email and token when file absent. Added dependency of HTTParty gem.

  • Run Code Run doesn't seem to like .count for arrays :)

  • Removed test/ folder

  • Added remote command to PostInstall.txt

  • Command `addkey' should call `run_remote_command' and not `remote_command'. Fixed tests.

  • Lazily initializes remote_ip and remote_app_name.

  • Fixed addkey command – it doesn't need the IP, since we already get it from .git/config.

  • Added `addkey' command

  • Added named_options for allowing things like `wn command –options1=abc –option2'

2010-01-19 Michael van Rooijen

  • Fixed RSpec tests

  • Renamed the method: require_application_environment! to requires_application_environment!

  • Ensures that the remote command gets invoked inside a webbynode initialized application. Will display a friendly message if this is not the case. This method is resuable for other commands.

  • Added a version command that returns the current version of the webbynode gem.

  • Updated the post install message.

  • Updated the help screen.

  • Renamed all shorts 'Wn' and 'App' to Webbynode and Application.

  • Merge branch 'master' of

  • Now displays a nice message when trying to issue a remote command on the webby when the application has not yet been deployed.

  • Updated Help Screen

  • Updated comment for Felipe

  • Updated RSpec test. Updated @Felipe comment.

  • Fixed regular expression to match the host correctly and parse the IP. Added note for Felipe.

  • Fixing net ssh remote

  • Fixed tests and finished 'remote command' implementation

2010-01-18 Felipe Coury

  • First attempt to extract the Webby IP from the “webbynode” git remote.

2010-01-18 Michael van Rooijen

  • Updated manifest file

  • Added more Rspec tests and set up the initial 'remote' command.

  • Initial commit

  • Added more Rspec tests for Init and all tests pass thus far. Going to implement Remote next.

  • Moved the Webbynode require statement into the Spec Helper file

  • Cleaned up Rspec by moving git configuration into fixtures and added a helper method to read fixtures.

  • Added RSpec tests for the push command. Added some comments. Fixed previous tests

  • Finished initial rspec setup for the init command

  • Added a help file and rspec tests

  • Adding initial structure changes

2010-01-17 Felipe Coury

  • Added Roadmap

2010-01-15 Felipe Coury

  • Manifest

  • Bumped version

2010-01-10 Felipe Coury

  • More README

  • Added more info about requirements

  • Fixed README

  • Removed pkg and fixed some tests

  • Initial commit