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Clever description here.

Roadmap & TO-DO list

  • Fix the gemspec generation and make the tuiter gem avaliable via Github
  • Implement remaining API features
    • API methods
      • Status Methods (link)
      • Direct Message Methods (link)
      • User Methods (link)
      • Account Methods (link)
      • Social Graph Methods (link)
      • Friendship Methods (link)
      • Block Methods (link)
      • Notification Methods (link)
      • Favorite Methods (link)
    • Return Elements (link)
      • Status
      • Basic User information
      • Extended User info
      • Direct Messages
      • Update User element, Twitter now returns only UserExtended (link)
  • Cover all code with tests
  • Document (rdoc) the code
  • Add better examples
  • Better error handling
  • Client with multiple user/pwd
  • Rate-limit protection to clients
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