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antoniusostermann committed Nov 8, 2018
2 parents 82ee193 + 313a7a3 commit 13bf6354ab4692d045e6c8e84c48ff60413fde6b
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version 0.4.0
- changed the "assistant" binary to load the new application-initializer.js instead of index.js. To migrate, install the new assistant-source version globally.
- the entry files for utterances/translations/entities now may be either .json, .js or .ts files
- now supports generation of custom entities
- You are now able to define custom entities in a config/locales/en/entities.ts file (or .json, or .js). If you wonder how, just generate a new assistantjs application and have a look at the used interface in the generates entities.ts file.
- Remember that you need to set up a type mapping in your unifier configuration in config/components/unifier for your custom entities, too.
- You do not need to set up platform specific mappings (for dialogflow, alexa, ...) for your custom entities.
- On the other hand, if you set up a platform specific mapping, our generators will use this platform specific mapping instead of your custom entity. This enables you to use custom entities as a fallback for missing platform specific types. For example, if you use the AMAZON.US_CITY slot type, but don't find a corresponding dialogflow entity for it, you are able to create a custom entity as a dialogflow fallback.
- removed index.ts and replaced it with application-initializer.ts to make the AssitantJS initialization process more adaptable. To migrate easily, create a new AssistantJS application, copy the created application-initializer.ts, paste it into your application and merge all locally made changes of your index.ts into your new application-initializer.ts
- renamed SpecSetup to SpecHelper
- new ResponsHandler: ResponseFactory and old Response-Types are obsolete now. A new ResponseHandler is introduced, which allows you the following:
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