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aligns readme to 0.4.0 changes

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antoniusostermann committed Feb 18, 2019
1 parent 33ba54d commit d473af77d537b892a9ecdcedda1d554d28496fc6
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@@ -30,9 +30,9 @@ version 0.4.0
- substitutes alexa-utterance dependency with own implementation
- allows integration of missing interpolation handlers to use fallback / default translations
- makes translateHelper's t() method async
- adds generic intent for selection on smart displays
- removes redis and fakeredis dependencies
- introduces platform session, crypted platform session and redis based session storage
- adds BeforeStateMachine and AfterStateMachine extension points
- adds possibility to use platform sessions, for example session system of alexa or google assistant, and makes platform sessions the default session storage
- introduces @filter decorator, which works like a beforeIntentHook, but is made specifically for state redirections (which should be the most common use case for hooks)
- minor changes and improvements
@@ -89,23 +89,28 @@ As you can see, AssistantJS supports you in building more varied voice applicati
This is what a test (yes, you can test all assistantjs applications without hassle) for the MainState's `invokeGenericIntent` could look like:
describe("MainState", function () {
beforeEach(function(this: ThisContext) {
describe("on platform = alexa", function() {
beforeEach(function() {
this.currentPlatformHelper = this.platforms.alexa;
this.platforms.current = this.platforms.alexa;
describe("invokeGenericIntent", function() {
beforeEach(async function(done) {
this.responseHandler = await this.currentPlatformHelper.pretendIntentCalled(GenericIntent.Invoke);
beforeEach(async function() {
await this.specHelper.prepareIntentCall(this.platforms.current, "invokeGenericIntent");
this.responseResults = await this.specHelper.runMachineAndGetResults("MainState");
it("greets the user", function() {
expect(this.responseHandler.voiceMessage).toEqual("Welcome, Alexa user!");
expect(this.responseResults.voiceMessage!.text).toEqual("Welcome, Alexa user!")
it("waits for an answer", function() {

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