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include all files in coverage in src folder only

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Novaal committed Aug 15, 2018
1 parent 1046a38 commit fb36c263e74b184d6f20517c28f7370f7127f657
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@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ gulp.task("clean", function() {
/** Runs all tests. We dont need to emit sourcemaps here since jasmine-ts handles this for us. */
gulp.task("test", ["build-sources"], shell.task('jasmine-ts "**/*.spec.ts"'));
gulp.task("test-coverage", ["build-sources"], shell.task('nyc --exclude "spec" -e .ts -x "*.spec.ts" jasmine-ts "**/*.spec.ts"'));
gulp.task("test-coverage", ["build-sources"], shell.task('nyc --include "src" --all -e .ts -x "*.spec.ts" jasmine-ts "**/*.spec.ts"'));
/** Watches file changes in source or spec files and executes specs automatically */
gulp.task("specs-watcher", ["build-sources"], function() {

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