Enables integration of api.ai into AssistantJS.
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Integration of api.ai into AssistantJS

This package integrates api.ai (now known as "dialogflow") into AssistantJS. Just install it with npm install assistant-apiai --save and add it as an dependency to your index.ts:

import { descriptor as apiAiDescriptor } from "assistant-apiai";

/** and below, in your "initializeSetups" method: */

This component also integrates a generator into AssistantJS. So executing assistant g creates a dialogflow-specific build in your builds directory.


Possible configuration options, as listed in our interfaces:

/** These configuration options are optional */
export interface Defaults {
  /** Route for api.ai requests, default: '/apiai */
  route: string;

  /** Entitiy configuration for api.ai, default: {} */
  entities: { [name: string]: string };

  /** If set to true and if there is no chat bubble text, "displayText" will be set to the voiceResponse, default: true */
  defaultDisplayIsVoice: boolean;

/** These configuration options are required */
export interface Required {
   * List of header key/value-pairs which have to be present in an dialogflow request.
   * assistant-apiai checks if all headers are present and contain the respective value.
   * To configure, go to the "fulfillment" tab in your dialogflow console and add some secret header keys and (complex) values.
   * After that, add them to this object, for example: {"myFirstSecretHeader": "myVerySecretValue", "mySecondSecretHeader": "mySecondVerySecretValue"}.
   * That way, you are able to verify that an incomming request was really sent by your dialogflow agent.
  authenticationHeaders: { [name: string]: string };

Merge your existing AssistantJS configuration from config/components.ts with ApiaiConfigurationAttribute.

After that add the Dialogflow-Types and the Dialogflow-Handler to the file config/handler.ts if you are using assistant-apiai without assistant-google. If you use it with assistant-google, see the Readme from assistant-google Replace or remove ADD_OTHER_TYPES_HERE and ADD_OTHER_HANDLER_HERE<MergedAnswerTypes> if needed.

import { ApiAiSpecificTypes, ApiAiHandler } from "assistant-apiai";
import { State } from "assistant-source";

export type MergedAnswerTypes = ApiAiSpecificTypes & ADD_OTHER_TYPES_HERE;
export type MergedHandler = ApiAiHandler<CurrentAnswerTypes> & ADD_OTHER_HANDLER_HERE<MergedAnswerTypes>;

export type MergedSetupSet = State.SetupSet<MergedAnswerTypes, MergedHandler>