A full-featured Twitter IM bot using the Computer bot framework.
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		Welcome to Computer bot / Twitter edition.
	Alexandre Loureiro Solleiro <alex@webcracy.org>, http://webcracy.org
	Website: 				http://computer.webcracy.org
	Documentation: 	http://computer.webcracy.org/doc/
	Computer bot is a prototype bot platform. 
		Its objective is to explore the marriage of Empowered People, 
		Web 2.0 (APIs, Mashups, Social), Personal Management Information Systems and Robots.
		Computer bot / Twitter edition is a proof of concept application.
		Twitter users get an enhanced Twitter IM Bot.
		Tweeting developers get a customizable, extendable, prototype IM Bot platform.
	Some quick notes to get you started
		Computer bot is a ruby program that requires several RubyGems.

		You need Ruby (tested with 1.8.5 on Mac OS X and Linux) and to install 
		the following gems before running Computer bot:

			sudo gem install daemons
			sudo gem install xmpp4r-simple
			sudo gem install jabber-bot
			sudo gem install json

		Twitter edition requires you to install the following gem:
			sudo gem install twitter4r

		Edit and rename 
		Enter your bot's Jabber credentials (you can ask me for @webcracy.org accounts).
		If you're on Dreamhost, you must specify a resource with your jib, as such:
		Enter your Jabber ID (ex: you@gmail.com) as "master". (Dreamhosters: No need for a resource here)
		Enter your bot's Status message, for example "Computer ready."
		Enter your Twitter credentials.
	Running the bot
		To run the bot, type:
			ruby computerbot.rb start
		To stop the bot, type:
			ruby computerbot.rb stop
	Operating the bot
		If your config is right, the bot will send you a message saying it's available.
		Send "help" to the bot to see all available commands.
		User and Developer documentation is being progressively made available at:
		You're welcome to contact me <alex@webcracy.org> via IM.		
		Computer bot. Copyright Alexandre Loureiro Solleiro <alex@webcracy.org>, http://webcracy.org
		You can read the LICENSE in computerbot.rb