An angularjs serviceprovider to utilize indexedDB with angular
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An angularjs serviceprovider to utilize indexedDB with angular

####Important: This repository isn't maintained by me anymore. Look over here for current versions, as Bram Whillock took over as main contributor.


For installation the use of Bower is recommended.


Call the following command on your command line:

bower install --save angularjs-indexedDB

And add the following line to your html file, for example index.html:

<script src="components/angular-indexedDB/src/indexeddb.js"></script>


  • Download file.
  • Add the following line to your html file:
<script src="indexeddb.js"></script>


Normally, and as a recommendation, you have only one indexedDB per app. Thus in your app.js where you define your module, you do:

angular.module('myModuleName', ['xc.indexedDB'])
  .config(function ($indexedDBProvider) {
      .upgradeDatabase(myVersion, function(event, db, tx){
        var objStore = db.createObjectStore('people', {keyPath: 'ssn'});
        objStore.createIndex('name_idx', 'name', {unique: false});
        objStore.createIndex('age_idx', 'age', {unique: false});

The connection method takes the databasename as parameter, the upgradeCallback has 3 parameters: function callback(event, database, transaction). For upgrading your db structure, see

You can also define your own error handlers, overwriting the default ones, which log to console.

Inside your controller you use $indexedDB like this:

  .controller('myControllerName', function($scope, $indexedDB) {
    $scope.objects = [];
    var OBJECT_STORE_NAME = 'people';  
     * @type {ObjectStore}
    var myObjectStore = $indexedDB.objectStore(OBJECT_STORE_NAME);
    myObjectStore.insert({"ssn": "444-444-222-111","name": "John Doe", "age": 57}).then(function(e){...});
    myObjectStore.getAll().then(function(results) {  
      // Update scope
      $scope.objects = results;

   * execute a query:
   * presuming we've an index on 'age' field called 'age_idx'
   * find all persons older than 40 years
   var myQuery = $indexedDB.queryBuilder().$index('age_idx').$gt(40).$asc.compile();

QueryBuilder aka IDBKeyRange maybe needs some revision. This is all the info you get for now, for more read the code, it's ndoc-annotated!

Important note: this software is in alpha state and therefore it's used at your own risk, don't make me liable for any damages or loss of data!

Status Update: I'm sorry to say that I've abandoned angularJS for now and therefore have no plans for features or updates. This may change in the future. Apart from that I will apply updates submitted as pull requests when I find the time and see use.

Anyone willing to join as active developer is welcome to drop me a note and help keep this project alive.