An application to allow for other apps to easily store site based configurations
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Config Store

  • Stores configurations and are retrievable as a dictionary
  • Configurations are lazily loaded and are cached per request
  • Configurations can have a Setup action to run a setup function. Configforms will follow HttpRequests returned from that function.
  • Configuration is defined as a django form
  • Configurations can be encrypted by registering a Configform as an AESEncryptedConfiguration


  1. Add the 'configstore' directory to your Python path
  2. Add 'configstore' to your INSTALLED_APPS in your settings file


Define your configuration form somewhere:

from django import forms
from django.contrib.auth.models import User

from configstore.forms import ConfigurationForm

class ExampleConfigurationForm(ConfigurationForm):
    amount = forms.DecimalField()
    message = forms.CharField()
    user = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=User.objects.all())

    def config_task(self):
        return HttpResponseRedirect('/exampleform/configuration/')

Register the form:

from configstore.configs import ConfigurationInstance, register

complex_instance = ConfigurationInstance('example', 'Example Config', ExampleConfigurationForm)

You can instead encrypt the data in your configstore data section using a different Configuration:

from configstore.configs import AESEncryptedConfiguration, register

complex_instance = AESEncryptedConfiguration('example', 'Example Config', ExampleConfigurationForm)

Somewhere else in your code retrieve the config and use it:

from configstore.configs import get_config
config = get_config('example')
print config['amount']