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lita-memegen is a handler for Lita that generates meme images using This is based on the hubot memegenerator script.


Add lita-memegen to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-memegen"


You will need to register an account on and provide the username/password for the account.

Lita.configure do |config|

  # This requires that all memes be sent as commands. If this is false, the bot will listen in the channel
  config.handlers.memegen.command_only = true

  config.handlers.memegen.username = 'username'
  config.handlers.memegen.password = 'password'


  • Y U NO <text> - Generates the Y U NO GUY with the bottom caption of
  • I don't always <something> but when i do <text> - Generates The Most Interesting man in
  • <text> ORLY? - Generates the ORLY? owl with the top caption of
  • <text> (SUCCESS|NAILED IT) - Generates success kid with the top caption of
  • <text> ALL the <things> - Generates ALL THE THINGS
  • <text> TOO DAMN <high> - Generates THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH guy
  • good news everyone! <news> - Generates Professor Farnsworth
  • khanify <text> - TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXT!
  • Not sure if <text> or <text> - Generates Futurama Fry
  • Yo dawg <text> so <text> - Generates Yo Dawg
  • ALL YOUR <text> ARE BELONG TO US - Generates Zero Wing with the caption of
  • if <text>, <word that can start a question> <text>? - Generates Philosoraptor
  • <text> FUCK YOU - Angry Linus
  • (Oh|You) <text> (Please|Tell) <text> - Willy Wonka
  • <text> you're gonna have a bad time - Bad Time Ski Instructor
  • one does not simply <text> - Lord of the Rings Boromir
  • it looks like (you|you're) <text> - Generates Clippy
  • AM I THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE <text> - The Big Lebowski
  • <text> NOT IMPRESSED - Generates McKayla Maroney
  • PREPARE YOURSELF <text> - Generates GoT
  • WHAT IF I TOLD YOU <text> - Generates Morpheus
  • <text> BETTER DRINK MY OWN PISS - Generates Bear Grylls
  • (so|very|much|such) <text> (so|very|much|such) <text> wow - Generates Doge
  • Imma let you finish <text> - Generates Kanye West