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Community Dashboard Framework
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Community Dashboard Framework

CDF is a Dashboard framework that allows custom dashboards to be built

CDF is one of the tools of the CTools family and it is shipped within Pentaho BA Server

This is a maven project, and to build it use the following command

mvn clean install

The build result will be a Pentaho Plugin located in assemblies/cdf/target/ Then, this package can be dropped inside your system folder.

Additionally, CDF build environment requires some configuration on your maven settings.xml file. The file is located under your .m2 directory on your home folder. Please make sure the following configuration is added:

<!-- profiles -->
      <name>Nexus Internal</name>
      <name>Nexus Internal</name>

<!-- mirrors -->

For issue tracking and bug report please use Its master branch is built upon commit merges in Jenkins Continuous Integration located in

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