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Learning Resources

Preparing for Technical Interviews

  1. Hacker Rank
  2. Leet Code
  3. Code Wars


  1. Becoming a Web Developer from Scratch - Great for insight for people wanting to start a career in frontend development without a computer science degree
  2. 10 Interview Questions every JS Developer should know - Good overview of a typical frontend position interview

Online Courses

  1. Treehouse
  2. Codecademy
  3. CodeSchool
  4. Egghead
  5. Lynda
  6. Udacity
  7. Tutsplus
  8. PluralSight
  9. EdX
  10. Coursera


  1. JavaScript Air - A podcast all about JavaScript. Note: Production of episodes have stopped but it's a really good resource to listen to the interviews that have taken place
  2. JavaScript Jabber - A podcast where the discussions are based on JavaScript
  3. Angular Air - A podcast all about Angular
  4. Adventures in Angular - Another podcast that is all about Angular
  5. Software Engineering Daily - Interviews on software
  6. FrontEnd Happy Hour - Discussions with engineers across different companies.
  7. JS Party - Discussions on anything web.
  8. LearnPub Podcast - A series of interviews on the authors of Learnpub books.
  9. Soft Skills Engineering - Discussion on non-technical subjects that will help you become a better developer.
  10. Software Engineering Radio - Discussions on various topics in the IT industry.
  11. The Changelog - A podcast that covers people and technology.
  12. Developer Tea - A podcast for developers designed to fit inside your tea break

Curated Resources

  1. Reddit: 540 Free Online programming/CS courses - (MOOCs) with feedback(i.e. exams/homeworks/assignments)
  2. Dev Free Books - A collection of free books for developers
  3. Front end developer handbook 2018 - A guide and outline for front end developers.
  4. Free Online Programming and Computer Science Courses - A list of free courses focused on topics like programming, computer science, data science, and artificial intelligence.

Learning Tools

  1. JSFiddle Online Javascript Sandbox - An online sandbox for small one-off javascript projects
  2. Code Pen - A social development environment for front-end designers and developers


  1. Changelong Weekly - covers technology and open source projects.
  2. FrontEndFocus - focuses on anything front end development.
  3. JavaScript Weekly
  4. CSS Weekly
  5. ng-newsletter - One of the best Angular newsletters out there.


  1. SoloLearn
  2. Enki
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