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What Template Am I Using

This WordPress plugin is intended for theme developers to use. It shows the current template being used to render the page, current post type, and much more.


WP Admin

Since this plugin is in the WordPress plugin directory, it can be installed through the plugin search in the WP admin.

WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Search: What Template Am I Using


This will install the version that is in the WordPress plugin directory.

wp plugin install what-template-am-i-using --activate

Add your own panels

If you don't see what you're looking for in the panels I've provided, its easy to add your own.

  1. Create a class that extends WTAIU_Panel. Take a look at inc/core-panels.php for examples.
  2. Add it to the sidebar with the wtaiu_setup_panels action. See setup_wtaiu_panels() for example.


Handle text

add_filter('wtaiu_handle_text', function( $text ) {
    return 'Your Custom Text Here';
} );

Show/hide panels

function wtaiu_can_show( $can_show, WTAIU_Panel $panel ) {
    if ( is_a( $panel, 'WTAIU_Theme_Panel') )
        return false;
    return $can_show;
add_filter('wtaiu_panel_can_show', 'wtaiu_can_show', 10, 2 );

Public IP address

To find the public IP address of your server, a request is made to an external website that echos back the IP. The default IP finding site is If you don't want to use my IP finding site, you can easily change the URL that is used.

add_filter('wtaiu_find_public_ip_url', function( $url ) {
    return '';
} );

If you'd like to host your own IP finding site, the same script that runs is included in what-is-my-ip.php.