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Yeoman Generators Build Status

Rails-like Generators for Yeoman that provide scaffolding for your apps.

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Getting Started

If you're interested in writing your own Yeoman generator we recommend first checking out two of the sample generators in this repository. There are typically two types of generators - simple boilerplate 'copiers' and more advanced generators which can use custom prompts, remote dependencies and can do a lot more.

  • quickstart - a basic boilerplate generator with jQuery, Modernizr and HTML5 Boilerplate
  • yeoman - the default yeoman generator, which includes prompts and more advanced capabilities.

Read about the capabilities of our generators in our docs. This guide will also cover how to create a new generator template using the command-line.

Testing generators

There is currently no formal infrastructure for testing generators, however you may find our mocha generator for custom generators useful.

Generators Included