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Project Code Names

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Project Code Name

  • Project GEM = Project Gecko EMbedded
    • This is the main project.
  • Project Amber
    • Light specific gravity HTML loader on the top of Firefox (not artificial build).
  • Project Amethyst
    • Simple build without Privacy related features
  • Project Tanzanite
    • Demo contents for Project GEM (Smart Home Concept)
  • Project Onyx = work for 96Boards
    • This is sub project for Linaro 96Boards such as Dragon Board 410c. Onyx is black GEM and "96" can be read as "Kuro" in Japanese, which means "Black".
  • Project Polish (or Loose) = work for students
    • Let's polish gemstone (raw stone) and make loose of GEM.
    • note: Loose (stone) means polished GEM.

Relating Code/Product Name (should avoid to use for public projects)

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