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Current Project Team Members

For information about the governance of the WebdriverIO project, see If your name is in this list and you don't want to have it published, feel free to make a PR and remove yourself from it.

TSC (Technical Steering Committee)

abjerstedt - Adam Bjerstedt <>
christian-bromann - Christian Bromann <> (he/him)
erwinheitzman - Erwin Heitzman <>
klamping - Kevin Lamping <>
mgrybyk - Mykola Grybyk <>
WillBrock - Will Brock <>
wswebcreation - Wim Selles <>

Project Committers

andriilazebnyi - Andrii Lazebnyi <tbd>
baruchvlz - Baruch Velez <>
BorisOsipov - Boris Osipov <>
caoxu2000 - Xu Cao <>
CrispusDH - Oleksii <>
fijijavis - Jim Davis <>
FloValence - Florian M Valence <>
georgecrawford - George Crawford <tbd>
jankcat - Tim Watkins <>
lgandecki - Łukasz Gandecki <tbd>
Praveen - Praveen Mathew
SCG82 - SCG82
Sri Harsha - Sri Harsha
tborys - Tomasz Borys <>
TheSavior - Eli White <tbd>
ThomasFett - Thomas Fett <>
TuHuynhVan - Tu Huynh <tbd>
wvankuipers - W. van Kuipers <>
zinserjan - Jan-André Zinser <tbd>

Project Contributors

All these wonderful humans.