[Typescript] type definition doesn’t differentiate between sync and async mode #1686

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When using Typescript with WebdriverIO it seems like the type definition doesn't differentiate between sync and async mode and treats everything async.

For example the following code snippet shows a method that should get a text given a locator and afterwards return the text. As we expect to get back a text we define the method to be typeof string.

getItemFromTable(item: string): string {
        return browser.getText(item);


No we face the problem, the method won't work like this as it's treated asynchronous and we do not get back a string yet but instead we get:

WebdriverIO.Client<string | string[]>

So it seems like the type definitions don't differtiate between both modes and treat everything asynchronously.


Using typings from:

  • WebdriverIO version: 4.2.3
  • Node.js version: 3.10.8
  • Standalone mode or wdio testrunner: wdio testrunner
  • Tests: Synchronous
  • Additional wdio packages used:
"wdio-allure-reporter": ">=0.1.1",
"wdio-jasmine-framework": "^0.2.5",
"wdio-json-reporter": ">=0.0.3",
"wdio-junit-reporter": ">=0.1.0",
"wdio-selenium-standalone-service": ">=0.0.5",
"wdio-spec-reporter": ">=0.0.2",
"wdio-teamcity-reporter": "^1.0.2"
@christian-bromann christian-bromann added this to the Upcoming milestone Nov 3, 2016

@Burgi0101 our type definitions just got an update, can you re-check?

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