Racing condition when refetching elements #1739

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The problem

Following scripts creates a racing condition. Probably because the refetch mechanism fetches multiple elements and tries to execute a click command on it.


  • WebdriverIO version: latest
  • Node.js version: 5.10.3
  • Standalone mode or wdio testrunner: wdio
  • if wdio testrunner, running synchronous or asynchronous tests: sync
  • Additional wdio packages used (if applicable): mocha frameowkr

Link to Selenium/WebdriverIO logs

Code To Reproduce Issue [ Good To Have ]

describe('MyTickets results', function(){
    it('should click on ticket', function(){

        const menu = $('.navigation-component a[href="/tickets');;

        const ticket = $('.ticket-list-item-component');
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mzvonar commented Nov 30, 2016

I'm still a bit lost in the source code, but I've found out that elements() fetches again if called without selector:

if (!selector) {
    let newSelector = Object.assign({}, lastPromise.value)
     * if last result was an element result transform result into an array
    newSelector.value = Array.isArray(newSelector.value)
        ? newSelector.value : newSelector.value !== null
        ? [newSelector.value] : []

     * Only return new selector if existing otherwise fetch again for selector.
     * This is important in cases you do a waitForExist and use the same element
     * variable again after the element has appeared.
    if (newSelector.value.length === 0) {
        this.lastResult = null
        return, newSelector.selector)

    return newSelector

But element never fetches again so if called after waitForExist it returns old NoSuchElement error:

if (!selector) {
    return lastPromise.value

If I modify element() function like this it works:

if (!selector) {
    const newSelector = Object.assign({}, lastPromise.value);

    if(!newSelector.value) {
        this.lastResult = null
        return, newSelector.selector)

    return newSelector;

But I'm not sure if that breaks anything

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