moveToObject not working after buttonDown() #1806

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The problem

I'm trying to drag the handle on a slider and specifically noUIslider (

I am using the following method to replicate a drag.

browser.moveToObject("selector", 0, 0);
browser.moveToObject("selector", 300, 0);

I would believe it would slide, even returned the element coordinates in the console and they do not change. I've attempted this in both Chrome and Firefox.


  • WebdriverIO version: 3.0.1
  • Node.js version: 6.9.1
  • Standalone mode or wdio testrunner: WDIO Testrunner
  • if wdio testrunner, running synchronous or asynchronous tests: asynchronous
  • Additional wdio packages used (if applicable): karma-mocha, karma-chai

Code To Reproduce Issue [ Good To Have ]

it("the user interacts with the slider, the values change",function(){
        if (browser.waitForExist('.noUi-handle')){
            console.log('it exists');
        var oldValue = browser.getText("#seCalcSectionValueExpenses");

        if (browser.moveToObject('.noUi-handle')){
            console.log('handle found');
            var originalLocation = browser.getLocation('.noUi-handle');
        if (browser.buttonDown()){
            console.log('pressing down on slider handle');
        if (browser.moveToObject(".noUi-handle", 200, 0)){
            console.log('moving handle over 200px');
            var newLocation = browser.getLocation('.noUi-handle');
        if (browser.buttonUp()){
            console.log('releasing slider handle');
        var newValue = browser.getText("#seCalcSectionValueExpenses");
        assert.notEqual(oldValue, newValue);

Can't speak for Chrome, but these commands won't work in geckodriver per mozilla/geckodriver#159


@patthiel That's correct. They won't work in either Firefox or Chrome. Well technically they pass in both browsers but the 2nd moveToObject doesn't actually offset by the x/y coordinates. It just says they passed however I've done both a pause so I can see it and as you ca see above I log the coordinates and it doesn't move.


@poorpaddy This isn't expected to work in Firefox per the ticket I linked as well as #1653. This issue is only applicable to Chrome.

Can you provide a reproduceable spec or project? I have a sandbox project here that you could fork and use:


I do but unfortunately my work utilizes a self hosted enterprise version of GH additionally I can't publicly post the project because the feature I'm developing is unreleased as well.

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